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The Discovery Schools want to keep you, your family, our students, and our co-workers safe. As the Commonwealth of Virginia begins phased re-opening, the Discovery School is seeking to align its terminology to those phases to facilitate communication with youth and families served, as well as staff and placing agencies. Throughout the upcoming changes, the School will continue to work toward the same goals expressed when the COVID-19 pandemic began:


1) Reduce infection and transmission risk to enrolled students, staff and families

2) Maintain continuous placement viability for as large a student group as possible, since our students' behavioral and emotional needs may make temporary home/alternative placements challenging

3) Maintain clear lines of communication between and among staff, students, families, placing agents, regulatory and health agencies so that decision-making rationales and timelines are clear to all involved parties

In order to protect the safety of enrolled youth, their families, and employees (as well as their families), pursuing these goals will continue to come first. The School may continue to exercise caution that goes above and beyond that of Virginia and other states. In addition, there are a variety of situations unique to the Discovery School that are intended in its own phased re-opening---some of these may not occur exactly on schedule since they depend on factors outside the School's direct control.


The Discovery School remains open and accepting new students while enacting very carefully designed protection policies. As with the state, the School will utilize a Phased Re-Opening Plan to identify which level is most appropriate given the program's COVID situation, the local and state level COVID levels, and national COVID levels. These phases are designed to either increase safety precautions, decrease precautions or remain with current precautions based on updated school, local, and state COVID information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information.


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