The Discovery School admissions staff will guide you through our selective process. This process is designed to most adequately assess that the students we enroll can best benefit by our services and are appropriate for the level of care we provide.    

Records and Materials

The more information we have, the better we can determine that our services can meet the needs of a prospective student. Information requested during the admission process may include:

·assessments on intellectual functioning and educational needs

·records of grade placement, academic history, and academic transcripts

·details about the family’s current life situation and any custody issues

·health history and any recent psychological evaluation

Tours and Interviews

We also ask parents/guardians to tour our campus along with the prospective student, if possible. This tour is an opportunity for in-person interviews and information-sharing.  We have learned over the years that touring in advance helps everyone gain a better understanding of the experiences that may be expected of them, leading to a smoother adjustment after enrollment. 

Exceptions to the tour requirement may be made when there are safety concerns or great distances involved, in which case acceptance decisions will be made based on parent/guardian phone interviews and materials provided.

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