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Beyond the Classroom

The goal of our academic program is to teach our students to take responsibility for their education. We offer a quality, private education at the middle and high school levels. We believe education should be valued, and that as students grow emotionally, their desire for education increases.

The Discovery School of Virginia offers middle and high school credit classes, as well as special education services, remedial services, and General Education Diploma preparation, classes and testing. Our teachers are a mix of licensed general education and special education teachers. Most of our older students are preparing for college; most of our younger students will transition to traditional private and public schools.

Academics are not limited to the traditional classroom.  Academic success begins with readiness and a developing sense of purpose. While students are with their campsite groups, they are immersed in an experiential outdoor education program for which they are able to obtain academic credits. The experiential program stresses fundamental living and basic academic skills. In this program they have an opportunity to work on emotional and behavioral goals as well as develop the ability to apply academic skills in practical ways as the group plans and carries out its daily activities.  As students demonstrate progress in the experiential program, they begin to transition incrementally to full days in the formal classroom program.

In the formal academic program, our students experience the benefits of a small classes and individualized instruction.  They are encouraged to become successful in areas where they formerly struggled. Additionally, since the instruction is individualized, students can spend additional time on topics that are difficult while quickly completing those areas where they excel.

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